Welcome to my musical situation. I write 'em, I sing 'em. Some people like 'em. I hope you do too.

Uncle Jon Songs


between here and hopeless

Between Here & Hopeless

For these difficult and queasy times we are living through.

prayer for the praire

Prayer for the Prairie

A tribute to the great and largely lost prairies of the American west.

prayer for the praire

Strange Little Life

An appreciation of a life of imperfection, with great harmony and steel guitar.


Number Forty Three

A sincere but failed attempt to cheer up a despondent number.

For those sweet people who told me they liked my songs and wanted to hear more, I promised a website and this is it. Here are songs about all sorts of topics that are not normally fodder for songs.

There is a series of half-hour TV shows called Uncle Jon's Songwagon. These shows and a concert video are carefully situated at the bottom of this page to keep them a safe distance from all the single song pages. Some songs have videos, some don't. Life is not fair.

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A Girl from a Town

All In The Timing

All In The Timing

Prayer for the Prairie

A Prayer for the Prairie

Between Here anbd Hopeless

Between Here and Hopeless

Billy Is Lost Again

Billy Is Lost Again




Can I Hold You


Colored Lights Pretty

covid cat

COVID Song #35,172

cross that bridge

Cross That Bridge

Desert Island Girl

everything rhymes

Everything Rhymes



Fred the Cat

Fred the Cat

Fred the Cat

Follow Your Heart

Harden Your Heart

hey there clock

Hey There Clock

Jerry's Song

Just One Time

Leaving Too Soon

Leaving Too Soon


Legs, legs, legs!

Love's Not All You Need

Lucky Seven

Mary Cummings

Mary Cummings Park

Maybe Just Something

Maybe Just Something


My Address Book

numberss and jon

My Numbers

Uncle Jon

Not About Norwegians


Uncle Jon

Platinum & Perfect



Strange Little Life

Strange Little Life


Talk About Tennessee

Ten Foot Bike

The Cow Song


The Fire Place

Uncle Jon

The Last Elephant

The Red and the Blye

The Red and the Blue

The Turtle Song

the onslought

The Onslought

The Sleep Song

The Sleep Song

The Rambler Song

This Light

This Light

Two Sons in Tucson


Quality Time


Shopping List

white puppy

White Puppy

write a song

Write a Song


Below are seven old songs done on banjo and some guitar. My brother Jeeter can be seen in some of these, playing along. These great old songs were brought to me by The New Lost City Ramblers, who learned them from old 78s recording in the 20s and 30s.

George Coolins

George Collins

little Maggie

Little Maggie

Beware Oh Take Care

Beware, Oh Take Care

Hopalong Peter

Hopalong Peter

John Hardy

John Hardy

Browns Ferry Blues

Browns Ferry Blues

seven songs

More Pretty Girls Than One

Seven Banjo Show

All 7 In a Banjo Show

Below are a series of 30-minute videos of my shows and also a concert performance. Please consult your doctor before imbibing such a large dose of Uncle Jon. Results may vary.

Uncle Jon autoharp

Song Wagon Episode 1

Uncle Jon goofy

Song Wagon 2: Goofy


Song Wagon 3: Farms

COVID mask

Song Wagon 4: COVID

song wagon 5

Song Wagon 5: 6 Songs

song wagon 6

Song Wagon 6: Words/Music

seven songs

Song Wagon 7: Seven Songs

seven songs

Song Wagon 8: Banjo

seven songs

Song Wagon 9: 5 With Help

Charlie Stubbs

Charlie Stubbs Tribute


Hist. Soc. Concert