Little Maggie

Little Maggie

My version of the great old Stanley Brothers (and others) song. Always have wonderd if this song was based on a real Maggie. If so, she must have been quite someone to know.

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Over yonder stands little Maggie
With a dram glass in her hand
She's drinking away her troubles
And courting another man

Oh, how can I ever stand it
To see those two blue eyes
A-shining in the moonlight
Like two diamonds in the sky

Lay down your last gold dollar
Lay down your gold watch and chain
Little Maggie's gonna dance for daddy
Listen to that ol' banjo ring

Well the last time I seen Little Maggie
She was sittin' by the banks of the sea
Had a forty-five strapped around her
And a banjo on her knee

Go away, go away Little Maggie
Go and do the best you can
I'll get me another woman
You can get you another man