What About

what about

Over the years I have had a number of dreams that repeat. Here I delve into some of these dreams.

The first dream is about realizing that I had another apartment with another life that I forgot about. The dream is vivid with actual detail in the lost apartment. I have had this one on an off for 30 years. This is not exactly frightening, but it is very disorienting.

The second dream is about realizing I have a number of cars parked here and there that I forgot about. In the morning I have to convince myself that I really don't have all these lost cars.

The last dream, the worst, is that I am wandering endlessly in a strange city trying to find my dog, Walter. I never find him in the dream. This dream has not happened as much after Walter passed on.

At the end of the video a dog appears, and it is my old pal, Walter.

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I forgot I had that lost apartment,
With books and plants and clothes and all my things.
I don’t want to pack up and leave you,
I’m just haunted by another life I had.

What about, what about, forgotten old apartment?
Wasn’t there a landlord?
I forgot about him.
Everyone, everything, everything is missing,
Even all my pictures
I forgot about me.

It seems I had bought these other cars,
And forgot and left them parked somewhere.
How can I find them and maybe even drive them,
And apologize for leaving them out there.

What about, what about, forgot about the Buick?
What about the Chevy?
I forgot about the Ford.
What about, what about, forgot where I left them,
Taken by a tow truck,
I’ve lost all my cars.

Wandering up and down those endless streets,
Cannot find the place I started out,
Desperate and looking everywhere,
For my furry little friend who is lost.

What about, forgot about, lost our connection.
What about our love?
Now there’s only fear
Forgot about, what about, lost my little buddy,
Don’t forget about me.
I won’t forget about you.