Lucky Seven

classic car

I figure everybody is allowed one alphabet song, if they choose to write it. I added the chorus which turned out to be the best part. My buddy Vance suggested changing the last line in the chorus to "You letter do a number on you" which adds some depth to the absurdity.

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Lucky 7, Sweet 16, Catch 22,
Colt 45, Route 66,
You letter do a number on you.

If A is a hunting arrow,
And B's a hunting bow,
C there in the clearing,
That D for deer's a doe.

I hear that E's for ever,
And F is free to fly,
G your generosity,
Is here from heaven high.

If I am an illusion,
I'm a jaybird in July,
I'm Krazy Kat, a Kangaroo,
You're listening to my lies.


Mothered in Manhattan,
By Nathalie in New York,
O they were outraged,
That Pa was eating pork.

Q is asking questions,
R is running risks,
S is sitting scared,
Cause T is playing tricks.


The U is all unsettled,
That V's locked up for vice,
And W is wondering why,
X got X-rayed twice.

Why is Y still so young?
And Z still has the zing?
The rest of us are tired,
And we haven't learned a thing