A song that takes on the profound question, "How many legs is the right number?"

While doing research for this song, I consulted a Harvard PhD biologist who patiently explained to me that I should stop bothering him.

The images for this video are almost from from the free image site Pixabay, which I often plunder, but to whom I also contribute my images for free...

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Millipedes have lots of legs,
Though maybe not a thousand,
Whenmillipedes go buy new shoes,
A hundred clerks surround them.

Centipedes have many legs,
Maybe not a hundred,
They scoot about and then they eat
The smaller bugs they’ve plundered.

Legs, legs, legs

Spiders and arachnids
Find eight legs sufficient
As do crabs and lobsters
For journeys not too distant.

The vastly various insects,
Without any exception
They all agree upon the stance
That six legs is perfection.

Legs, legs, legs

The furry mammals benefit
From evolution’s wisdom
Sitting, standing, walking, running
On their great four-legged system.

The kangaroo could be said
To be the only critter,
With three legs, count the tail
It becomes a tripod sitter.

Legs, legs, legs

With mankind and his cousins
Gorillas and the chimps
The top two legs used as arms
Two legs below the hips.

Before you get too puffed up
Your two legged status
Remember that all the birds
Shares this apparatus.

Legs, legs, legs

Normally there’s few around,
Who truly are one-legged,
Except perhaps a pirate whose
Missing leg is pegged.

It is worth remembering
Though mildly tangential,
That snakes have no legs at all
For them they’re not essential.

Legs, legs, legs

Fish and dolphins got no legs
But get around just swell
Fins are made for water
Where all these critters dwell.

A single cell, no legs at all,
Even an amoeba,
Will climb inside and make you sick
And leave you feeling feeble.

Legs, legs, how many legs?
How many does it take?
Depends entirely on who you ask.
A millipede or snake.

Legs, legs, legs