The Rambler Song

classic car

We were playing on the back porch one night when the phrase "You can't afford a Ford" was uttered. I stole the line and wrote this goofy song. It is also a tribute to the actual New Lost City Ramblers, the first band to revive old time music in the late 1950s.

The photo is from the Library of Congress and is not a Rambler.

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You can’t afford a Ford,
You can’t dodge a Dodge.
You can’t even Studebaker,
You’re too heavy for a Chevy,
So go pack up your Packard
Or your new lost city Rambler.

Studebaker, Studebaker,
40-acre troublemaker,
New lost city Rambler,

You whine about your wine,
And you peer into your beer,
Drink your boilermaker,
Way you lick your likker,
Better scotch that scotch,
You’re a new lost city gambler.

Boilermaker, boilermaker,
40-acre troublemaker,
New lost city Rambler.

You can squash a squash,
And you can sell celery,
You dirty old rutabaga,
You want to be a bean,
Let us be lettuce,
You’re a new lost city scrambler.

Rutabaga, Rutabaga,
40-acre troublemaker,
New lost city Scrambler.

It’s a mundane Monday,
By Friday you’re fried,
Ready for the undertaker,
Sat around on Saturday,
Sun on Sunday,
A lazy lost city ambler.

Undertaker, Undertaker, 40-acre troublemaker,
Your a New Lost City Rambler.