Two Sons in Tucson

two boys

Started out with the idea to write a goofy country-style song in the pattern of "All My Exes Live in Texas". But it became a ponder about the fact that guys can have children they don't know about. As opposed to women who generally know it when they have children. This might weigh a bit more on me as I never had children, I don't think.

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I've never been to Tucson,
But it has occurred to me,
A gentle lady I once knew,
Might live there now, you see.

We might have met some years ago
Those crazy one night flings,
Later comes twin baby boys,
Without benefit of rings.

Four lives I might have lived,
Three wives with different lives,
Two sons down in Tucson, but
One life is all we ever get to give.

Whatever life should bring us,
We hope to be prepared,
Our joys and our sorrows,
Are meant for us to share.

If I have two sons in Tucson,
If this comes true for me,
I'd move down there directly,
To my two-son, loving, Tucson family.