More on Uncle Jon

Jon Sachs

Please note that the name of this page is More on Uncle Jon, not Moron Uncle Jon. That is a whole other topic, one with great potential.

Sometime I think this website is the beginning of something; putting my stuff out there. Sometimes I think this is the end product: write the songs, perform them, put them out there, and move on to other things. No promises.

When I am not writing and singing I run my own web design, graphics, and photo business.

I also operate an infamous and popular education website about poison ivy.

I have heard people say they were inspired by Bob Dylan to write their own songs. Not me. I grew up when Dylan was knocking out songs like Tambourine Man on a daily basis. His work made me never want to think about writing songs, simply because his were so damn good. I waited about 40 years until Dylan's hold over over me had subsided before I started writing my own. But if I listen to Tambourine Man, Just Like a Woman, or I Want You, it makes me want to lay down my old guitar.

I can be reached at