COVID Song #35,172

Uncle Jons Onslought

There are a LOT of songs being generated about COVID-19, so I took a guess and named this the #35,172nd, which might not be accurate.

Enjoy, share, or not... As has been observed, humor is a messy business.

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From my rostrum in the restroom
I send you all this greeting
Another online Covid19
low-fi music meeting.

Staying home for safety
Family going crazy
Food and games and babies
Same thing ever day

Another game of chess,
To get us through the mess
Don’t tell me let me guess
Is it checkmate, yes?

Drive down there and park it
At the local supermarket
Get your food and guard it
Then go home and snarf it.

Going shopping with a mask
Adds mystery to a mundane task
I know you wanna ask
Is that Purell in my flask?

You never washed an orange
On the outside peel before and
And it does seem kinda foreign
And it also gets quite boring.

Watching lotsa movies
Really seen some beauties
Godzilla versus Snoopy
Do we really have to view these?

I’m starting another book,
But I’m getting a dirty look,
Not helping out the cook,
My chores I have forsook.

International equation
Regarding a contagion
Beyond all expectation
Exponential situation.

Someday when this is over
Escaping our enclosure
Decreasing our exposure
Regaining our composure

From my rostrum in the restroom
I send you all a greeting
Another online Covid19
Low-fi music meeting.