The Fire Place

Mahopac Farm

A song about a little boy who liked it best when the power went out and the family gathered around the fireplace.

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Today’s the day we move to the farm.
I like it here, the fields and the hills and there’s a barn.
You can not see another house anywhere around.
We play cowboys and Indians on the lawn.
But the best part is dinner time when we are all together. 

The tractor so loud, it scares me when they run it.
Yellow baby chicks arrive in cardboard boxes.
But one is sick, my mom and I tried to save it.
Wintertime, the calf is sick, it dies too.
But mom tells me that it's okay and we are all together.

It snowed all day, the power is out, the lights are off.
The furnace stopped, we gather round the fireplace.
Mama cooks dinner there on the hearth.
They read aloud by candlelight, listen to the fire.
It’s always best, when the power goes out and we are all together

But the lights come on, the furnace hums, the magic ends.
They are happy to go off to their separate rooms.
There’s radios and homework and they don’t know,
That I am sad because to me, the little one,
The best is when the power goes out and we are all together.