My Address Book

two little kis

Eventually most of us will be faced with this; staring at the name and number of someone who has passed away – in our address book. This first hit me hard when my nephew passed away, tragically, at just 40.

The dilemma stuck with me and emerged as this song.

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You passed away ten years ago
But there’s your name and number
In my little address book
Now what shall I do?

Your number doesn’t reach you now
So I think you’d understand
If I just erased it now
Is that what I should do?

Suspect that you would tell me now
Erase me, I am gone
My name and number meaningless
That’s what you should do

I’m still your friend and I still care
How once we were connected
So if its all the same to you
That’s not what I’ll do

It just does not feel right to me
To take my pink eraser
And closing off all tender thoughts
Remove what was your number

I got a brand new address book
Time to start all over
No way could I erase you then
But I can not add you now

So I will tear your entry out
From my old address book
I’ll put you in a tiny frame
You’ll sit upon my dresser