This Light

This Light

A song about how the light from inside the sun fought its way all the way to earth, but ended its journey when it ran into my black cat, Sam.

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This light is from inside the sun,
Rose up through the boiling,
burning soup of protons, neutrons,
Assorted other plasma.

This light reached the surface,
Among crashing solar flares,
And then it jumped out into space,
Heading in our direction.

This light made its way
Past cosmic dust and bits of fluff
Left by roving meteors,
And from wayward comets

This light crossed paths with the light
From every other star,
All these wavelike particles,
Passing through each other

This light hits our stratosphere,
Penetrates our troposphere,
Skitters through some high thin clouds
Above our neighborhood.

This light staggers though the trees,
Between the limbs and past the leaves,
It passes by the power lines
And dusty telephone poles.

This light hits our dirty window
And yet it makes it through,
It stumbles through a tattered screen,
Enters our bedroom

But there its journey ends
It goes not one bit farther
It gets absorbed so perfectly
By my lazy, sun-warmed, sleeping, black cat Sam.