How this came about:

1. My good friend Andrea asks if I can raise her monarch caterpillars since she is going away for vacation and I say sure.

2. I learn to raise eggs to caterpillars to chrysalis to butterflies and release them at Mary Cummings Park.

3. I mention this to Vance Gilbert, who asks where the butterflies go and I reply that I don't know because – I don't speak butterfly.

4. Vance requests a song by that name and I write one. I like the song.

5. I decide to try AirGigs and have someone wonderful sing it and play it on piano.

6. Liel Bar-Z sings it and Diego Zapatera plays it.

7. I create a video to go with the song. Visuals created in Photoshop, animated in Final Cut Pro X.

8. That's it, above.

Download Butterfly as an mp3 file.

You can’t stop the seasons,
And I know because I’ve tried,
And we can’t even say goodbye,
I don’t speak butterfly.

Can’t pet the wild dogs,
They have no use for me,
Can’t join the pack,
I don’t speak their coyote.

Eight eyes of the spider
Staring outward you see
But I’ll never know
How it is you see me

I don’t speak butterfly.
So I don’t speak butterfly.
Can’t even say goodbye,
I don’t speak butterfly.

I can’t grab the clouds,
As they lazy to go by,
I am nothing to them,
They don’t care if I cry.

I worship the sun,
But I do it alone,
The sun doesn’t care,
It’s setting much too soon.

The frozen pond beckons me
White bubbles, black ice
If I fall and fall through
If I take your advice.


The days they got warmer
Green came again,
I was hoping it would
And not waste the rain.

The trees don’t complain
After working so hard
To grow lush and full
Then decay and discard.

Before me and after
The passage unfolds
Continues without me
For ages untold.